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Glisk is a Doric word meaning ‘passing glance’.

Show your love for the Doric dialect by submitting and voting for your favourite phrases! The weirder and more wonderful the better for bringing to life on the big screen.

After a public vote, the most popular phrases will be animated and displayed on the big screen at the entrance to Aberdeen’s Music Hall on Union Street.

Glisk, which means "passing glance" in Doric, is a visual experience by Design and Code as part of the Look Again festival.

Designer, Morag Myerscough, and poet, Jo Gilbert, have collaborated with the local public and Design and Code to provide pattern and text forming part of the digital piece.

How to Submit

Visit the submit page to enter your own phrase. The most voted for phrases will be animated and appear on the large screen at the Music Hall. Enter your details, phrase and tell us how you would like your name to appear on the screen if it’s a winning phrase. You can submit as many phrases as you like.

How to vote

Visit the vote page to select your favourite phrases. Once selected, press the vote button to submit your choices. You can only vote once so choose carefully.